CD DVD packaging

We offer a wide range of packaging types. We can place discs in cardboard envelopes, plastic boxes or elegant boxes made of metal.

Moreover, every packaging can be customised!

We offer professional help, and together we will overcome even the toughest challenges.


Offered packaging types:

Paper envelopes and PP foil envelopes

Foil sleeve w/o glue
Paper sleeve
Paper sleeve with window

Cardboard envelopes

Cardboard envelope
Cardboard envelope with flap

Jewel Box Cases

Jewel box for 1CD
Jewel box for 2CD
Super jewel box


One-fold digipack
Two-fold digipack
Two-fold digipack for two CDs


High one-fold digipack
High two-fold digipack

DVD cases

DVD 7cm black
DVD box 2 cd
DVD clear case

Example cases: