Production of CDs/DVDs:

Compact discs are the most popular medium for music, pictures, videos, video games or all sorts of applications.

Why a disc?

  • Longer lifetime of data written on a disc

  • Small size and weight

  • Disc customisation

We offer CDs in the following formats:

  • CD-ROM – all sorts of software, multimedia presentations, data, pictures and any other computer files (up to 700 MB).
  • CD-AUDIO – typical music record for playback in CD players, audio in PCM format, max. time 80 min.
  • SUPER VIDEO – film in MPG2 format, max. 60 min.
  • VIDEO CD – film in MPG1 format, max. 74 min.
  • CD EXTRA – a combination of audio tracks and computer data, e.g. a short presentation of a band in the form of a video + 15 audio tracks for playback.

As well as DVDs in the following formats:

  • DVD 5 – standard DVD, 4.7 GB
  • DVD 9 – one-sided 8.5 GB disc, or double layer 9 GB disc
  • DVD 10 – double layer (double-sided) disc