Compact discs are the most popular medium for music, pictures, videos, video games or all sorts of applications.

What is authoring?

DVD authoring is a process of preparing the DVD interface and linking all files – audio, video, graphics and subtitles – into one whole in accordance with DVD VIDEO specifications.

Authoring includes:

    • Preparing the navigation and an interactive or permanent menu.


    • Coding audio and video in a format appropriate for DVD – Video


    • Selecting scenes, subtitles and language versions.

Our offer also includes services such as:

    • Creating a master compliant with CD Audio, CD-ROM, CD-EXTRA, DVD-ROM, DVD VIDEO specifications. 


    • Montage of audio and video materials. 


    • Converting audio and video files into any format: avi, mpg, mpeg2, mp4, mov, flv, mkv, quick time.